Kru Adaunn

The Truth will destroy you.


Str: 12
Int: 12
Wis 15
Dex 14
Con 12
Cha 15
AC: 3


Adaunn was the only monk of Sanktor Wat. He was raised by the Teravas. He was sadden that the Noble Truth won’t spread any further than the Walls, until Adaunn made a friend outside of the Walls. His name was Cleric Andi Ravege. They bonded though the Pilgrimages that Cleric Andi took though the Scared Lands. Cleric Andi would visit the Walls and Adaunn would teach him the Noble Truth in exchange for stories of his Pilgrimages. Fascinated, he propose that he would also travel though the Sacred Lands.

Adaunn ask the Teravas that he wanted to venture outside of the Walls. They told him as long as the Noble Truth exist within himself and never stray too far from it, he was allowed. He was given the title of Kru to spread the Noble Truth. Cleric Andi warned him though, that without a way to defend himself he would die. Convinced through the many stories and the trust of a friend. He decided to take up training through Cleric Andi by letting him stay within the Walls.

After 2 years, he was ready. Cleric Andi finally decided to go back on his Pilgrimage, but before telling Adaunn, to take on his own Pilgrimages. Adaunn left the safely of Sanktor Wat, after 24 years of devotion. Now outside of the Walls, he traveled west to discover a world he knew was filled with Suffering.

Kru Adaunn

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