From what I was told by my mother, my father was a great fighter from this area. I don’t remember much of him, he went off on an adventure when I was only a baby and never returned. My mother was never the same after that. My father didn’t leave very much money after his disappearance, and my mother having no real skills to speak of, we often had to scam people from our village to get by. We never stayed in a village for very long, villagers would start to catch wind of our doings, and it would become increasingly dangerous for us to stay long. I spent most nights alone, as my mother would be out, sometimes she wouldn’t come back til the next day.

As the years went on and I started getting older, my mother became more distant, more abusive towards me, blaming me for father leaving us. I left her when I was a teenager. Taking care of myself now, I found myself stealing more and more, breaking into places, doing what I had to do to stay alive. Though not always successful, I have scars to remind me of my failed attempts, lucky to live through some of the wounds. Now, through an old acquaintance, I find myself doing what my father once did, adventuring.

People will one day know the name, Smee The Theeeph!


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