Guild of the Sleeping Giant

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Stories of the Sleeping Giant

I left Tathor with Wizallry the magician, with her new guard dog and the dwarf Dema the Mighty. On our way back to Dyson’ Delve Dema and I discovered Wizallry has been spending her time wisely and became a doctor.
Once we came to Dyson’s Delve we encountered larger then normal footprints, my party and I decided to would be safest to immediately go down stairs to avoid the own of the prints. As we explored the 2nd floor we came across nine large rats the size of Wizallry’s dog. Once we realized there were too many for us to handle Wizallry conjured a spell and made all the rats sleep making them easy pickings. We discovered 2,000sp scattered around their burrow, hid it with our other treasure from our adventure past, and went back upstairs since there was nowhere else new to explore. Back on the first floor we went north and went back downstairs.
As we went down the first hall we heard a noise from behind us and to our surprise it was Lemmy Frosthammer, another dwarf. He joined with us and we continued on our way. After moving a furniture barricade we were attacked by four goblins, after making quick work of them we entered the nearest door. As the door opened an elderly goblin faced us with a lit flask of oil and dispatched it at Lemmy catching his shield and arm on fire. Lemmy returned the goblin’s fire back to him by throwing his shield at the goblin. The rest of the party made there attacks and after the goblins surprising elusiveness and damaging blows he was brought down. Around his neck was a golden neckless(valued at 800gp) and old leather armor in incredible condition because of its magically properties. Hopefully one of my fellow guildsmen will find use of this item. The party barred the door and Dema kept watch as Wizallry performed he medical prowess on Lemmy and I. We entered our second day in the dungeon and went north running into three hobgoblins. The fight was long and became dangerous. The dwarf Dema and I attempted to hoist one of the hobgoblins onto a bone spike and could not find the strength to do it. After suffering to many wounds I had to withdraw from the fight fearing that one more blow might kill me. My companions we able to finish them off and after finding 1,000gp in a sack on one of the hobgoblins we decided it was a bout time to leave for Tathor.
On our way out we went to our hidden treasure location and brought the now 4,000sp with us. Before that could happen we were attacked by a ghoul almost filling Lemmy with its poison. We killed it and left for town. Without resting we pushed through to make it back as soon as we could and was stopped by exceptionally clean reanimated skeletons. Being so weak I stayed back as Dema, Lemmy, and Wizallry went to work. Dema lost her axe while the other skeletons were being beat but came through in the end by pulling out an arrow and stabbing the last skeleton in the side of the head.
As the group went there separate way in Tathor I went around town looking for any village that may have spotted a bear or the location of where one is living. I plan on finding a cub to raise.
(HELP WANTED) Looking for a group to assist in obtaining a bear cub from the wild regardless of what it may require to get it. Paying well for anyone that choses to come.

Friday the 27th of January

Notes of a Wizard


-Dyson’ Delve (The Dungeon, 3rd level)
-Temple of Imnoch

-13 skeletons
-5 zombies
-4 robber bats
-1 Ghoul

-Paul the Goblin (short term)

-50 gold coins
-2000 silver (200 gold)
-ring (800xp)
-key (1200xp)
-2 silver bracelets (1400xp)

(Elda died fighting some Robber Bats)

Personal xp: 1,443
Personal gold: 83pc


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